Avid PhraseFind Option

Avid PhraseFind Option

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Accelerate your editing with powerful dialog searchStop wasting time and money generating transcripts of your project just to locate clips more easily. With PhraseFind-a powerful new software option for Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter-you can find the right clips fast, with highly accurate results. PhraseFind’s powerful search engine automatically analyzes clips and indexes all dialog in your project’s media phonetically, so you can quickly find clips by simply typing a word or phrase-right from within your software. Key new features
  • Save tons of search time with superfast indexing-PhraseFind does the listening for you, so you can focus on your story
  • Get fast results, as PhraseFind locates all clips based on your search criteria using robust phonetic indexing powered by Nexidia
  • With direct integration in your software’s Find tool, you can immediately start editing clips right from within your search results-no need to export or import clips, or find the right bin or media
  • Find the right clips right away-all search results are automatically ranked for accuracy and appear in a virtual bin inside your editing app
  • Use PhraseFind with other search criteria in the Find tool to get extremely accurate search results
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