Avid ScriptSync Option

Avid ScriptSync Option

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The powerful ScriptSync option for the Media Composer family of products vastly speeds editorial of scripted and transcripted material. Available only from Avid, this innovative and unique technology takes Avid script-based editing to a new level. ScriptSync accelerates your edit using phonetic indexing of text and dialog to "sync" source clips automatically with the script itself. Once synchronized, you can find the best performance instantly by quickly comparing takes in the context of the story. Ideal for documentaries, interviews, reality TV, feature films, or any project where there is scripted or transcribed dialogue, Avid's patented, award-winning ScriptSync technology eliminates hours of routine work--effortlessly lining takes and getting you where you need to go, up to 30 times faster.
  • Accelerate your edit by synchronizing source clips to the script (or transcript) automatically using phonetic indexing of text and dialogue
  • Gain access to all dailies associated with a program, regardless of where clips exist
  • Locate footage easily based on scene number, page number, word, or phrase
  • Quickly compare multiple performances of a given line to find that "perfect" take
  • Create a radio cut from a transcript as easily as copy/paste
  • Use indexed scripts on legacy Avid editing systems
  • Supports North American English, UK English, Dutch, French, German, Latin American Spanish, and Russian
  • Supports any script or transcript saved as a text (. txt) file
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